Companies’ Changing Social Media Policy

As the saying goes, "if you can't beat them, join them!".

In old company policies, social media is considered as a distruction in the wokplace and will reduce productivity. Despite strict implementation of this policy, not to mention its corresponding penalty, employees still find a way to at least engage in social media activities during working hours. With almost every employee owning a smart device, these social media websites are more easily accessible without the use of company networks.

Companies know that social media is now part of everyone's life incuding ordinary employees. Companies have now seen the more positive perspective of social media. There are many potential uses of social media to companies. Recruitment and promotionalare the most common potential areas.

In recruiting new employees, companies spend big bucks to hire the right candidate for the right job. There will be big savings in using social media as information dissimination will be much faster. An open position posted in social media will hit the world like a virus.

Opening social media to employees despite its advantages needs to be managed properly. Guidelines should be in placed before allowing employees engaged in such activities.