April 2012

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Overseas Filipinos to Protest Against China

In this article, beneath the Philippines is an oil rich deposit. China, one of the countries claiming sovereignty over South China sea where these oil deposits are, is sending its troops over the disputed reefs….

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Spratly’s 17.1 Billion Barrels Oil Deposit

If the research of Brig. Gen. Eldon G. Nemenzo, deputy commander of the 3rd Air Division of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) based in Zamboanga City that underneath the Philippines is a deposit of oil…

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God Knows Best

In my article “God is Great” in August 2009, I mentioned about the miraculous recovery of my mother from coma. During that time, I could not really ask for more. This time, my mother have…

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Tanker Explosion

On Firday 13th, April 2012, a tanker exploded in a gasoline station in Quezon City, Philippines. Initial reports from the media says: GMA News ..An initial investigation showed the truck (RCB-885) was unloading diesel at…

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Up Close & Personal With Arc-Flash

Can an arc-flash occur at 240V? The answer is yes, it can! More than two (2) decades ago, I was an Electrical Maintenance Supervisor then in a ceramic manufacturing company. Electric kilns were used to…

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