Tanker Explosion

A diesel tanker exploding is truly disturbing. Let us analyze possible reasons why this explosion occurred.

  1. I. What causes explosion?
  2. II. Properties of Diesel
  3. III. Environmental Factors
  4. IV. Human Factors

I. What causes explosion?

Generally, explosion occurs when three elements are present as shown the “Infernal Triangle”

Fuel or Explosive material
Explosive material may any flammable or combustible material and could in the form of gas, vapor or mist, dust, or fibers. In this particular case, it is the diesel fuel.
Oxygen or air
There is an abundance of this outdoor.
Source of Ignition
The ignition source must have enough energy to ignite an explosive mixture.

The explosive material must have sufficient quantity, mixed with sufficient amount of oxygen and ignition by a source with sufficient energy to form an explosive mixture.