February 2012

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Sign-off on a Marked-up Document

A coal seam gas project was conceptualized as a result of a proposed expansion of a longwall coal mining operation. Initally, there was a single option. Then the client changed their mind and want to…

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Energy Trends in the Philippines

Listening to the interview of Sec Jose Almendras of the Department of Energy (DOE), he mentioned about the long term planning of DOE with regards to energy sustainability. I admire him of mentioning the name…

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Quality or Deadline

Today is a stressful day for me. I have been juggling two projects, both of which are trying to beat deadlines. In one project, we need to submit our our concept selection documents today only…

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It has Always been this Way

In one of the meetings I recently attended, the safety moment was about circumventing company policies just to get the job done. This is a dangerous attitude. It does not mean that if it has…

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