PDF-XChange Viewer Saved My Day

PDF X-changeFirst working day of the week, I was told during the first hour in the morning that I need to do some presentation in a couple of days.

The presentation need to deal with the possible corridor of the power distribution for the coal seam gas (CSG) upstream facilities.

As I don't have the right tools for the right job, I need to be more innovative in doing thing. The corridor need to be mark-up into a GIS map. I only have a GIS viewer. So I could not do the mark-up directly into GIS. More so I am not competent to do it.

Second option, I need to export the map into a PDF file, which I then need to mark-up. The only tool I know which I could do this is the Acrobat Professional. I have requested the software but due to some red tapes, I am concerned that I will not be able to get hold of the software in time to create my presentation.

While searching the net, I came across PDF-Xchange Viewer, a free and portable software thus no installation required on my computer. At the first instance, I was adamant as it might be same as all the free software on the net that have some pay load of trojans and viruses. But I decided to download it anyway thinking that my anti-virus software will pick-up any nasty payload it may come with it.

Finally everything was clean. No problems at all.

Running the software is very straight forward, and the menu is very intuitive. I could mark-up corridor on the pdf version of the map and even include some text or dimension. PDF-XChange Viewer saved my day. I would recommend it to every one who want to mark-up pdf file but don't want to spend a couple of hundred of dollars for acrobat professional.

To download PDF-XChange Viewer, click here.

A Filipino Engineer, Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) - Australia and Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) - Philippines with extensive experience in concept select, front-end engineering, HV & LV detail design, construction and commissioning of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Area electrical installations in water and waste water pipeline and pumping facilities, offshore platforms, hydrocarbon process plants and pipelines including related facilities. Hazardous area classification and design certification (UEENEEM015B, UEENEEM016B, UEENEEM017B).