Where has the Technorat Gone?

I have been on the job market sometime back as I felt that the company I was working with is not promoting the advancement of the Technocrat. All professional developments offered were how to become managers, nothing at all about how to become a specialist.

I posted my intent online and there were some parties which became interested. They contacted me and asked me for a personal chat. Personally, I am not to keen to be on a leadership, management or similar role. I have been through those positions previously and it just made me dumb, technically. I have dreamed to become an Engineer and not to become a manager, else I should taken a management degree rather than engineering.

During the chat, the other party asked me if I would consider a lead role and I told him straight, “no”. And that became a basis of offering me a salary equivalent to what I was receiving three (3) years ago. I was amazed? What? Do they think that I am desperate looking for a job? No way “Jose”.

This is an example of that technorats are now becoming scarce. They are all being trained to become a manager. There will come a time that we will be asking, where has the technocrat gone? They all became managers.

When Bill Gates resigned as CEO of MS to become closer to the his old love and passion, I admired him. He believed that a technocrat should always be a technocrat.