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Lately, the EEAME forum team decided to move from SMF 2 RC3 to MyBB 1.6 stable. It was decided that MyBB provides more functionality to the forum not to mention its pluggable feature which makes modification much easier without tinkering the forum source code.

With MyBB Merge System, the SMF 2.0 was converted into MyBB 1.6 but not without some issues. Some posts were truncated and all attachments were missing. Reading some posts from the MyBB Merge System forum, it may have been a bug which is system related (?). There has not been any solution to this bug yet.

Another issue is, the "Hide Post Until Reply" mod from SMF 2.0. There is a MyBB plugin called:

Name: Hide Posts Until Reply!
Type: Plugin for Mybb
Version: For any versions of Mybb 1.4* series.
Funcionality: Originally I was going to make it to automatically hide only links which would be seen until users had replied as requested here:

but the site is down or not found.

Facing this problem, I was forced to create a plugin to solve the issue. I called this "Simple Hide Content".

It is a very simple plugin, it works perfectly with MyBB 1.6.

To hide a content, it needs to be wrapped with "[hide]..hidden content..[/hide]".

The hidden content will be hidden to guest and users who have not replied to the post.


Known Issues:

  1. Page need to be refreshed to show contents.


  1. Extract the zip files into your MyBB root directory.
  2. No admin settings needed.

2 thoughts on “MyBB – Simple Hide Content Plugin

  1. J.

    Hi this plugin is great thanks for the share, but if with click on QUOTE we can see links, they are not hidden, can you fix this and email me ? Thanks in advance!

    • Ver Post author

      hi, this plugin was tested without issue on MyBB 1.6.3. I have not tested it yet on MyBB 1.6.4. What version are you using?

      I will try it on the latest version soon and provide feedback.

      Thank you.

      Update: I have tested this on V1.6.4 with no problems at all.

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