Design Issues – When Client Fails to Lists All Design Criteria

designIn any design, it is essential for the client to list all design criteria before initial design starts.

If as the designer, you feel that something is lacking, then it will be best to discuss it with the client at the early stages of the design process.

Designers, however, are not mind readers, the bigger responsibility lies on the client as the he knows what he wants to be delivered. This will prevent issues that the designer do not meet the expectations of the client. In the real world, this is not always the case. Even with big consulting companies, this is not happening 100%. I have been engaged on some of these projects and it is truly difficult to satisfy the client as the client and the designer or consultant are looking at the project on different perspective.

When you are involve in a project with this type of client, frequent discussion with the client will be a way to ensure that design will not be going back and forth for client approval, not going forward as it should be.

Cash flow will suffer, people will get stress, project delivery delayed and many more issues will happen if the design criteria agreeable to both the client and designer will not be laid out on the table before any negotiations start.