Higher Tobacco Prices – Not a Deterrent to Smokers

hand rolling tobaccoIs the new policy of P-Noy government to increase prices of cigarettes deter smokers?

In my personal opinion, the answers is NO. A determined smoker will find other means in order to smoke. I know, despite being a non-smoker, I grew up in a family of smokers. My three brothers and my parents smoke.

Raising the prices of cigarettes from ₱2.0 to ₱7.0 per stick or ₱120 per pack from ₱30 is not a solution to deter smoking. The government will only loss revenue.

If this policy will be implemented, hand rolling cigarettes will become the fad. In countries where cigarette prices are beyond the means of ordinary people like UK & Australia, hand rolling cigarettes is very common.

It is very similar to the smoke-free policy of some public buildings. Smokers will just go outside and satisfy their cravings in their.

Properly educating the people, better information dissemination as the effects of smoking will be a better option I suppose rather than increasing the prices of cigarettes.

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