Nestor Burayag – What the …

When reading this news item about a distress OFW seeking help from an embassy official in Riyadh, I truly got furious. What the silly thing is he thinking when he says, "Jump off the building...". Worst, OWWA officials are defending Mr. Burayag.

Analyzing the situation, a person in distress don't lie! A distress person only thinks of survival, not publicity. Whom do you believe?

Burayag or any of the Embassy officials thereof has no right to be a public official whose sole purpose is to serve the people paying him his salary.

OFWs are being considered as modern day heroes because they contribute millions of dollars into the economy but behind all those publicity, they are considered "basahan" by government officials.

What do the government do to prevent these OFWs from seeking foreign employment? What programs do the government have to re-integrate returning OFWs into their community?

I could not think if any solid government program. As an OFW myself, I don't know of anything. This is the main reason why most OFWs after deciding to go back to the Philippines after decades overseas, tend to re-apply again for an overseas employment.

Its just a wishful thinking that the new government under Noynoy will be able to address the concerns of OFWs, the modern day hereos, so to speak.