Plight of Filipino Migrants

The industrial tension at the Pilbara after an engineering contractor sacked 54 Australians while retaining 70 Filipino Skilled Workers may escalate to another Immigration case. While the Aussies have the right to be outraged about their employer’s decision, the Filipino migrants maybe at the losing end particularly if they are only on 457 visas. This may be a repeat of the plight of Filipino migrants in MCK Metals in New Plymouth, Taranaki.

MCK Metals made redundant 28 Kiwi workers while retaining 9 Filipino migrant workers on temporary work permits. To make the story short, the Kiwis complained to authorities and the Filipinos were sent home.

These situations are normal occurrences against Filipino Skilled workers. Filipino migrants are always at a loss in any situation. If only the Philippine government will be sincere enough to address the unemployment locally and improved workers conditions, the thought of Filipinos going abroad will be beyond imagination.