What Challenges the Year of the Earth Rat Bring?

Rats are always honest, observant, curious, energetic, talkative and others can find them witty and charming. Ambitious Rats ruthless and aggressive. Rat may find it hard to save, as Rat like to spend the money Rat earn and enjoy a good life. (read more)

How will these traits of the Earth Rat affect the lives of people in 2010?

The good traits of the Rat may bring a bullish world economy to increase job opportunities reducing unemployment leading to better life of people. Better economy may trigger higher interest rates, thus people need to keep away from unnecessary spending and lessening expenses below their earning capability to generate higher savings.

Again, predictions are just guidelines. Decisions should not be based solely on predictions. People need to be vigilant and resourceful in looking for better opportunities in 2010. Winning the lottery will always start from buying a lottery ticket.