Ubuntu 9.10 Wireless Connectivity

I got hold of a copy of the Ubuntu 9.10 and tried to test it as a Live CD.

I was really amazed, Ubuntu 9.10 improved a lot from the previous releases. First, it loaded the Live CD very fast without any glitches. Previous releases let me wait for a long time, slows my laptop and lastly I could not get my wireless modem working.

Previous to Ubuntu 9.10, I got so much of a problem activating my wireless modem. With the current Ubuntu Live CD, it was a breeze. This made me decide to install it.

The installation was quick, no problems whatsoever. I almost got frustrated again however when my wireless modem was not detected again. I almost reverted back to my old OS until I tried one more time to configure my laptop's wireless modem.

First I tried to install my wireless modem driver but the driver installation terminates prematurely. It was caused by a driver already installed. I uninstalled the driver first and re-installed it successfully then activated without any problem.

Here are the steps I did to configure my wireless modem in Ubuntu 9.10.
1. Install the wireless card proprietary driver using "System > Administration > Hardware Drivers.

Activated Wireless Modem

2. Add your wireless modem using "System > Preferences > Network Connections".

Wireless Modem Configuration Window

With some more installation of few applications, I am again a happy user of Ubuntu (I have been using it on my Desktop PC - wired modem).

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