Jason Aguilar Mistaken Identity

The arrest of our fellow OFW Jason Aguilar is Qatar, his deportation back to the Philippines, blacklisting in Qatar and worse not getting any help from Philippine Embassy officials is deplorable.

Aguilar, now back to his family is still clueless on why his ordeal in Qatar happened. And Malacañang could only say, "Sorry!".

The poor OFW went to Qatar to work as a welder to provide better life to his family, worked there for a month then arrested and deported without any clue on what happened. How can his family ever repay their loan for his expenses during his application processing?

It will be rightful for Jason Aguilar, namesake of the murder Jason Aguilar Ivler, to seek compensation from the government. His ordeal have affected him psychologically, emotionally and financially.

To all Human Rights lawyers, this now your chance to rpove your worth by representing Jason Aguilar against the Malacañang.