December 2009

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Nature Photography

Writing an article on my blog, doing programming, searching the web or taking photographs are few activities I engaged with to let my spare time go by. Nature photography always amazes me as it has…

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Free Software is Not GNU

Free software from Microsoft? This might be a dream – this monster from Redmond is not going to embrace the free software bandwagon. But its true! One of the latest offerings is the Security Essentials…

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Climate Change Summit in Chaos

The culmination of the climate change summit in Copenhagen turned into chaos. The top polluter countries do not agree in terms on how to reduce carbon emissions or on providing financial assistance to the third…

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Different Industry Norms and Practices

Changing from one industry to another is a bitter pill that someone needs to take. I was on this situation when I was started on a project for the water industry after one-and-half decade working…

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