WordPress – Overall Best Open Source CMS Award Winner

When I started blogging, I created my own blog script to suit my needs. I mimic Joomla 1.x API to be able to use its templates. I didn’t know WordPress even exists then. It was still at its infancy.

My blog script was tableless, XHTML 1.1 compliant, Captcha, AJAX and uses plain texts as a database. I was very satisfied then. But creating my own blog scripts did have some issues. I need to keep up with technology advances until the time constraint is an issue that I said, I would rather use an open-source blogging script than maintaining my own. That is when I met WordPress.

I was so impressed with WordPress 5 minute installation and simple back-end interface. Upgrading is also a breeze without any glitch at all. The best upgrade process I ever knew in a CMS. So many choices of quality open-source add-ons (themes / plugins). On the downside, WordPress, IMO, is yet not recommended for a portal site where forum, gallery, and other features are integrated. But only time will tell as the WordPress is the big winner as the Overall Best Open Source CMS Awards (see 2009 Open Source CMS Award).

Congratulations to WordPress!

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