The reasons why I blog

Visitors may have noticed that the topics on my blog is a variety. There are several reasons why the topics are varied from technical to community, to personal:

  • To express myself - I may be emotive on some instances but it all depends on the situation.
  • To give personal opinion on issues - An ordinary person, like me, may not have the privilege of being heard on issues. My blog is a way for me to voice out my opinion.
  • To share important links - Whether I accept it or not, I always search the net for information. If I find some good sites, I share the links through my blogs.
  • To serve as an online reference - I find it easier to search my blog than search my books as it is accessible anywhere as long as an internet connection is available.

When I wrote my experience about Windows 7, I did not expect that it will get noticed by the PCLOS community and that it will be re-published on its PCLOS Magazine. It is truly an honor to be part of their monthly magazine.

The most popular topic on my blog, MVA Method Short Circuit Calculation was written primarily as a reference for me. Rather than going to my books to search for the formula, I just click on my blog to view it and presto, I have the reference I need.