Mismanagement of Designs Delays Project Delivery

I am very concern that there are some mismanagement on the design process on the project I am currently involved with. It has come to a point that time constraints is now a big factor on project delivery.

What made me say this? The designers on each discipline seems not following drafting standards. In the preliminary design process, this may be a little bit acceptable but since we are now on the process of delivering 90% design, everything should be done in accordance to standards.

I have a completed electrical site layout two weeks ago before going to the training. I plan to issue the drawings for review this week only to find out that it is not a workable design anymore as the whole site moved without us the electrical discipline being informed.

Pits and trenches are now going to nowhere.

What happened? The civil discipline have moved the whole site (buildings,tanks, etc) and replaced the external references. This made all other discipline drawings unusable.

I already raised this issue during the first phase of the project on one of the sites. The action done was only site specific and not for the whole project. Now, it happened again.

If design management will not give a focus on this issue, then I am very sure that everyone will only wake up one day with no drawing usable by the construction team. Strict implementation of drafting standards and methodology is necessary to mitigate adverse effects of design modifications.