Christmas Lights Hazards

christmas_lightThe holiday season is a time when people decorate their Christmas trees, houses, offices or streets with Christmas lights. Christmas lights add better ambiance to celebrations.

To better enjoy the holiday season, we should be aware that despite their beauty, Christmas lights are safety and fire hazards if not handled properly.

Here are some tips to make Christmas lights safer:

  • Buy Christmas lights only from reputable stores. Fly-by-night vendors usually sell sub-standard products
  • Before installation, check the cords or wires to ensure no breaks or open insulation, loose connections, broken light bulbs. Broken insulation could cause electrocution; loose connection causes sparking which is a fire hazards.
  • Most Christmas lights are designed for indoor use, if used outdoors, ensure to buy a weather-proof type.
  • Never install Christmas lights on metallic objects. Metals are conductors of electricity and may cause electrocution if a fault occurs.
  • Use low-voltage type lights such as LEDs . LEDs lights are energy efficient and reduces the hazards of electrocution or fire.
  • Only use manufacturer's recommended replacement bulbs. Ensure to unplug the Christmas light before replacing the bulbs.
  • Unplug Christmas lights before sleeping.
  • Use a RCD or GFCI protected socket outlets to plugin your Christmas lights.

Always keep in mind that Christmas lights are safety hazards, let us not be complacent dealing with them. Let us enjoy the joy of the holiday season.