Energy Efficiency, Global Warming and Total Cost of Ownership

Global warming is enivetable unless people and government takes more serious steps toward the implementation of laws and regulation to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In the long term, the effects of global warming will be the El Niño (drought) and La Niña (flooding).

Energy efficient equipment has lower power consumption than conventional ones leading to lower carbon emissions and electricity bill.

It is a fact however, that these machine have higher initial cost than conventional ones. It is for this reason that people tend to buy cheap inefficient products. Educating the end user in the language they understand is of utmost important. The only language the end user understand is in terms of dollar values. Despite the fact that an energy efficient equipment has a higher initial cost, this happens only ones, the recurring expense is the electricity bill brought about by the operations of these machines. Findings by experts indicate that an electrical equipment consumes its initial cost in electricity bill during its first eight (8) years of operations. That means that for an equipments which has a life of 20 years, the end user will be incurring higher Total Cost of Onwership for conventional equipment than an Energy Efficient machine.

Countries like Australia, Brazil and New Zealand are very particular on the minimum energy performance of electrical equipment thus Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). In Australia particularly, mandatory compliance to MEPS is covered by government legislations.

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