September 2009

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Women Talk as Understood by Men

FINE. A word used by women to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up FIVE MINUTES. If she is getting dressed, that means one-half of an hour. Five minutes…

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Hardwired vs Software Interlocks

As an Electrical Engineer, I am biased to hardwired interlocks. I don’t have any doubts software can be very efficient particularly during normal operating conditions, not to mention the speed of response. In case of…

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Circuit Breaker Time-Current Characteristic Curve Made Easy

Circuit breakers time-current characteristic curve could be shaped to allow adjustment of individual circuit breakers for proper coordination between upstream and downstream protective devices. The basic adjustable functions are: Continuous Current (Ir) This is the…

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Power Factor Correction and Engergy Efficiency

There are so many ways to increase energy efficiency. The use of energy efficient motors, variable speed drives or energy efficient lighting are some methods to increase system efficiency. These methods of course require replacement…

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