God is great

In one cold Sunday morning, I received a call from my older sister sobbing. She said that “Inang”, a colloquial term for mother was rushed to the hospital due to a severe asthma attack.

“Inang” is an octogenarian, bed ridden for several months now as she could not breathe without a respirator. This current asthma attack was her worst accompanied by complication of pneumonia. Her weak body is summoning to the pain she has been enduring.

The doctor has mentioned that “Inang” has a very slim rate of survival. We her family however, is not giving up hope. With the help of prayers, we told the doctor do every possible remedy to improve her condition.

An induced coma began, which lasted for more than a week. Despite not being beside her sick bed, I felt her pain from the looks of the photos sent to me by my siblings through emails. After eight days, she finally has a movement which finally led to her full recovery.

It is now three (3) months after that very crucial incident. My mother has never had an asthma attack. She is now healthier than she was for the past ten years.

If our family have heeded to the advice of the doctor, we should not have a mother anymore. We already lost our father fifteen years ago; we don’t want to lose her now.

This incident is an indication on how great God is. If we only call on Him, God will never forsake us.

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