Opera is the fastest browser

operaWhile doing some execution time testing of the Autokeyword plugin for WordPress, I noticed how sluggish Firefox is. This prompted me to test it also on other browsers such as Opera, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome which are also all available on my computer.

I can't believe what I discovered, Opera is the fastest browser of them all. The results made me more curious to search the net for fastest browser. The most comprehensive is the browser speeds.

Analyzing the graphical comparison of browsers, Opera is next to the text only browser. Again this made me wonder, why then is Opera not as popular as Firefox. Well probably, it breaks some of website rendering like my site.

Here are the results I got on two sets of tests.
Test 1

  1. Opera 9.63 Build 10476 : 65.4043 ms
  2. Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18783 : +19.5444 ms
  3. Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 : +54.1614 ms
  4. Google Chrome : +61.9854 ms

Test 2

  1. Opera 9.63 Build 10476 : 120.9333 ms
  2. Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18783 : +28.4667 ms
  3. Google Chrome : +88.6000 ms
  4. Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 : +131.2333 ms

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