Filipino Job Fairs

ofwFilipino job fairs in Manila has been very successful. Many Filipinos has been able to get jobs despite the current world economic crisis.

It was very noticeable how Filipino job seekers prefer overseas jobs than local jobs. In one of the interviewed job seeker, she mentioned that salary abroad is much better than those paid locally. This might be a misconception. Filipinos are getting the wrong impression that life abroad is better.

Filipinos who works in companies where all expenses are paid by the company, this may be true. A good example of this is the Middle East particularly if you are employed by big government companies.

However, if you are working in the US, UK or Australia where all expenses are being shouldered by the employee, despite the better salary, if all expenses are deducted, the take home pay may not be that much. Don’t forget that income taxes are in the 30% range.

A well-experience job seeker may not have the problem of landing a good job but for a first timer, this may be a problem. These job seekers on the job fair may be thinking that they are getting a good job but they may only be subjected to abuse as these first timers are more prone to this abuse than those who are well experienced.

As an advice to those seeking job overseas, always be prepared for the worst, life abroad is not always paradise as what most Filipinos think.