New Graduates Future in this Recession

unemploymentThis month is normally when hundreds of thousands of new graduates in the Philippines finish their degrees from the university.

Most will be preparing for their upcoming licensure examination, a requirement before a Filipino professional will be able to practice their profession. After the examinations, most will start their job hunting. With the current economic situation, landing a job for an inexperienced professional is dim so much so that there are many Overseas Filipino Workers were displaced in the jobs abroad are likewise be part of the job hunters. This scenario is worsened by the closing down of some of the big companies like Intel displacing thousands of workers.

What will be the future of these new graduates, will they just be a part of the unemployment statistics? Some may be lucky to land a job of their choice but I have some positive thoughts that these new Filipino professionals will just land on call centers.

Unless the government will be implementing a definitive program for new graduates, they will not be able to compete with the more experienced professional in the job market.