Seven Good Things About the Economic Meltdown

We are complaining about the world economic meltdown that it triggered recession. On the bright side, did we ever ask ourselves what are the good things that the economic downturn have given us?

I have listed seven (7), there may be more which you could add.

1. Cheaper oil - The price of oil before the economic meltdown was playing at $150 per barrel. Now it is only at $50 per barrel. The refill for your car will now cost less leaving you a few bucks in your pocket to spend on other necessities.

2. Lower interest rates - Your monthly loan or credit card repayments now will be lower. Again, another source of savings.

3. Less holiday spending - People now tend to spend their holidays locally rather than going into expensive overseas vacations.

4. Less green house gases - Since some factories and industries have now closed, it means that there will be less green house gases emissions to the atmosphere.

5. Cheaper real estate - Houses are now more affordable which is good for first home buyers. They can have a house of their own.

6. Cheaper cars - Cars are now "buy one,take another for free".

7. Wise spenders - People are becoming wise spenders learning to distinguish "I need it" from "I like it".