Abu Dhabi – Pioneer of Green Energy

abu-dhabi_1822The city of Abu Dhabi, UAE is the pioneer of green energy not only in the Middle East but among all members of the OPEC by installing 87,000 solar panels which can produce 75 MWh of electrical energy annually. The project costs about US$22B and alleged to be the world largest of its kind.

4 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi – Pioneer of Green Energy

  1. Canister Set

    we are always looking for alternative or green energy because we want to stop polluting the environment .`”

  2. Cafe Furniture :

    green energy is of course very important that is why we have to concentrate on using hydrogen and alternative energy sources*””

  3. Isabella Edwards

    we must shift into the use of Green Energy to prevent further pollution of this planet-`,

  4. Blake Butler

    hopefully, we would be shifting more and more towards green energy in the future.*,,

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