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Joomla, Hacks and Spammers

Joomla is a very mature CMS. Nobody can argue about that. It has won the CMS of the Year award and has a very active developer team and community. There are numerous add-ons for Joomla…

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Site Hacked, Turned to a Phishing Site

TFE was hacked, when – I can’t remember. The hacker uploaded a phishing site for AOL. This was operating un-noticed until a warning from the Domain registrar was received with a screen shot of the…

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WordPress Upgrade is the Best

Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, E107, Dragonfly CMS, Limbo, phpBB, SMF and WordPress. I have used them all. In terms of upgrades, I can tell you right away that WordPress is the best in every way. No…

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