Awakening in the wee hours of the morning
By the sound of radio switch on as alarm
Braving cold winter morning
Taking a sip of coffee to heat up the chill

Take a shower before a quick breakfast
From a heated up meal from last night left overs
Gotta be quick or be missing the bus

An early start is wanted
To begin the day’s work without any disturbance
Meetings, phone calls or bugger off mates
Need to beat a deadline before hours run out

A long day in office is finally over
Taking the commuter train back again
Arrive home to prepare dinner
Watch the news to know what’s happening
An ailing economy or swine flu
May be a normal news that I will always see

Go to bed early
After a day in a life
Got to have good sleep to begin another when I wake up.

1 thought on “A day in a Life

  1. Roselily Pngonilo

    dont you consider calling your family from way back home before calling it a day?

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