June 2012

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Faulty Electrical Wiring (Again?)

Watching Bandila news over the weekend about the cause of a Quezon City building fire made me furious again. It was very easy for authorities to say that the cause is Faulty Electrical Wiring. Being…

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DMCA Protection

Don’t be surprised if I included DMCA protection in my blog now. My articles about MVA methods has been copied, PDFed and posted on a Brazilian website (centralmat.com) without asking prior permission. I have tried…

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Offshoring – Strategy to Remain Competitive

Offshoring is the utilization of services from any foreign subsidiary for a service formerly produced locally within the company. This is the strategy being utilized by multi-national EPCM companies to remain competitive in the market….

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Small Change, Massive Impact

In project execution, the impact of changes will be dependent on the period when the changes will be implemented. In concept definition or feasibility study, there might be a dozen of choices of achieving a…

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Uncertainty – The Challenge of the Future

At this time of another blow of economic uncetainty, the only certain to happen in the future is its uncertainty of not happening. It is a seemingly paradoxical statement but that is the reality at…

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