January 2010

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Don’t Worry Be Happy

In the previous toolbox meeting that I have attended, the topic was about happiness. The quotation that caught my attention was “Don’t worry about things you don’t have any control of, they will happen any…

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Philippine Power Shortage 2010

Reading a news of power shortage in the Philippines at this decade gives me mixed emotions. I have experienced the worst power shortage in late 80’s due to political instabilities. I have discussed this issue…

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Ubuntu 9.10 Wireless Connectivity

I got hold of a copy of the Ubuntu 9.10 and tried to test it as a Live CD. I was really amazed, Ubuntu 9.10 improved a lot from the previous releases. First, it loaded…

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Open Circuit Faults

Majority of text books disregard open circuits when presenting unbalance faults in a power system. Almost always, only short-circuit faults are considered. In the following circuit diagrams, it is assumed that the lines were opened…

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