August 2009

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Harmonics and Power Quality

An ideal power quality for a source of energy to an electrical load is represented by a pure sine wave waveform of voltage. The term pure means that it does not contain any frequency other…

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Making Compressed Javascript Readable

Have you been in a situation where you wanted to know what’s the process flow in a javascript but not able to do it because it was compressed? There are several reasons why the Javascript…

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Phase Sequence of Harmonics

Harmonics of different orders have different phase sequences. What is phase sequence any way? In simple terms, a phase sequence is the order of rotation of phase vectors relative to each other. Positive sequence has…

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Why Filipino Engineers are degraded

I came across this question in Yahoo answers Why are engineers in the Philippines degraded? Most companies in the Philippines required their engineers to do the job of a technician. Is it shameful? In other…

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Effects of Harmonics on Resistive Loads

As a continuation of my article on effects of harmonics on electrical equipment, let us provide an example of the effects of harmonic currents on 1-ohm resistive load drawing 1 ampere fundamental current containing 5th,…

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Recession or Racial Discrimination

I receive some news that some of my former colleagues were made redundant a few days ago for reasons of economic downturn. There is no argument on that, most people are aware that the world…

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