July 2009

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Transferable Skills Assessment and Evaluation

In today’s economic downturn and unpredictable economy, the idea of job security with any company seems a thing of the past. Cost cutting, layoffs, mergers, buyouts and similar business moves have left people of all…

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Resistance of a Single Earth Electrode

The resistance of a single earth can be calculated if the soil resistivity is known. An earth rod driven vertically, the electrode resistance can be calculated using the following formula. where: R = electrode resistance,…

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Opera is the fastest browser

While doing some execution time testing of the Autokeyword plugin for WordPress, I noticed how sluggish Firefox is. This prompted me to test it also on other browsers such as Opera, Internet Explorer and Google…

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Thousand Downloads in 4 days

I just can’t believe that the Autokeyword plugin for WordPress has been downloaded more than 1000 times in 4 days with just 7 downloads shy from 400 on its second day of release. The Autokeyword…

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