I. Terms & Jargon

IEEE Term IEC Term Description
AWG/kcmil mm² Electrical conductor/cable size designation
Cable Terminator Cable Gland A terminating device for cables at an enclosure
  • CGB   • Stuffing gland   • Device contains only outer cable jacket seal.
  • Cable terminator   • Termination gland   • Combines outer jacket seal with device to electrically bond armor to enclosure. Outer dimension is overall cable diameter. Inner dimension is armor with outer jacket removed.
  • Cable seal   • Barrier gland   • For passage from classified to nonclassified hazardous location
  • Fire stop   • Transit frame   • This is generally a device with multiple penetrations which provides a fire barrier.
Cable tray Cable rack/Ladder Cable support system. For further definition of this item, see Section 10.0 (“Cable Tray Sizes”) of text document.
Class/divisions Zones Hazardous (classified) location/area identifications
Explosionproof Flameproof A particular type of enclosure for use in hazardous (classified) location
Ground/Grounding Earth/Earthing Definition or point of zero potential in an electrical system
Horsepower Kilowatt Definition of unit of power output
Inch Millimeter Unit of length measurement
Multiconductor Multicore A cable made up of more than one conductor
Purged Pressurized A particular type of enclosure for use in hazardous (classified) location
V u Voltage
foot-candle lux Illuminance (Lighting)