January 2015

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Falling Prices Are Affecting Jobs

Oil price for 2015 will stabilize at around mid-50 dollars per barrel. There will be no expected steep rise of oil prices for the next 5 years. Planned drillings and new explorations are expected to…

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Oil Price Long Term Forecast

IMF forecasted that oil price in 2015 will stablized at mid-50 dollars range, to slowly rise to just above-70 dollars in 5 year time. What does this mean? As the production of commodities is highly…

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Oil Price Cut – Are We Winning?

The oil price has crashed to more than 50% in just 5 months. Is the oil price cut good or bad? Are we winning at all? Drivers are happy, the cost of filling a car…

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Surviving the Oil Price Cut

With the current unprecedented oil price cuts, what can those working in the oil business do to improve their situation and make it through this downturn (and all the layoffs) with their careers intact. To…

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