October 2012

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XAMPP Upgrade from 1.7.X to 1.8.X

I use XAMPP to develop PHP applications on my desktop. As part of the requirement of my new project, I needed to upgrade XAMPP 1.7.X to the latest version, as of this writing it is…

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VPS Upgrade to PHP 5.3

Most CMS and Frameworks applications now require PHP 5.2 as the minimum requirement. Some have higher requirement to be able to function properly. I have been in this situation when I installed Kohana Framework on…

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Ubuntu 13.04 on A Google Nexus 7

There are news[1][2] that the latest release of Ubuntu was successfully ported into the Google Nexus 7. I have extensively used Ubuntu in the past as a desktop or a home server. It is not…

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Where Has the Projects Gone?

Since the 2nd quarter this year, there were signs of a possible recession. Global economy is now again at its knees. Greenfield projects are now scarce if not totally gone. Before we knew it, we…

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Facebook Is Killing Small Community Sites

Facebook is a menace to small community sites. Bit by bit, users of small community sites and forums are moving to Facebook instead of logging into the forums to discuss issues. Only time will tell…

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