August 2012

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A Junction Box Is Required

In this article, I mentioned that a small change in the later stages of the project execution has a massive impact in cost and schedule. Another good example is what I am going to tell…

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Vendor Dirty Tactic

In some projects, particularly those that are fast-tracked, the equipment procurement process are likewise expedited. Long-lead equipment procurement are normally initiated during the early phase of the project where there are still so many unkown…

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MVA Method – Electrical Calculations Made Easy

I am currently compiling and rewriting all the articles in my personal blog. I will be soon publishing an ebook on MVA Method – Electrical Calculations Made Easy. Initial outline of the ebook will be:…

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Companies’ Changing Social Media Policy

As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them!”. In old company policies, social media is considered as a distruction in the wokplace and will reduce productivity. Despite strict implementation of this policy,…

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Printing Design Drawing in A3 Paper Size

It is now a norm to use A3 paper when printing design drawings as it has so many economic advantages. Firstly, A3 printers are now very affordable, even for colored laser printers. The cost of…

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