September 2010

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Lightning Damage to Services

In this article, I have listed the possible damage that lightning strike could impart into structures. In addition to this, lightning could likewise disrupt services. IEC 62305-1 provides a list of possible disruption to services….

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Lightning Damage to Structures

Lightning is a natural phenomenon. It is a high energy electrical discharge from the atmosphere into the ground that any structure along the path of the discharge will dissipate the energy contained in it. The…

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Effects of Unbalance Voltage on Induction Motors

Unbalance phase voltages on a three (3) power system produce negative sequence components of the voltage. Even a small voltage unbalance will result in large current unbalance during the running of motor by a factor…

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Videoke – A Unique Filipino Culture

The Karaoke Sing Along System was invented by Roberto del Rosario, the president of the Trebel Music Corporation in 1975. Despite some controversies on who first invented the karaoke machine, it was del Rosario who…

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Golden Years Job Hunting

The world economy is still recovering from the GFC. More infrastructure projects are being put into the drawing table creating better opportunities for job hunters. If you have lost your job because of the GFC,…

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