March 2010

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Last Bites of Economic Downturn

Just this morning around 30 employees from my company were made redundant for reasons that their skills were not in demand on the present economic climate. This is now the second year in succession that…

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Best Linux Distro

The latest release of PCLOS 2010 is the Best Linux Distro compared to Mandriva 2010.1, Ubuntu 10.04, openSUSE 11.3. Benchmark testing performed by Phoronix indicate that PCLOS 2010 is the runaway winner. This comparison of…

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Hazards of the CLEM 7 Tunnel

Despite the advantages of the CLEM 7 tunnel, there are hazards that we need to watch out when using the tunnel. Speed limit ensure that you drive within the speed limit Breakdowns watch out for…

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Phase Shifting Transformers to Cancel Harmonics

When there are several non-linear loads of equal ratings in a power systems, the use of phase shifting transformers could help cancel harmonics. After harmonic filters, phase shifting transformers are one of the simplest solution…

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SATA HDD Experience

Installing Windows XP on a SATA hard disk is a real pain. I just did a hard disk upgrade of an ACER Extensa 5210 laptop. I replaced the existing 80GB SATA hard disk with a…

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