February 2010

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Learning Instrumentation & Control

As an Electrical Engineer, learning Instrumentation & Control is the least that I want to do. It reminded me of my career choice after graduating from High School. I want to take Electronics & Communication…

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Energy Efficiency or Idiocy?

Our new office building is considered to be energy efficient. I believe there is a building management system operating the building. Lighting uses energy efficient lamps. Air conditioning and lighting are zone operated which means…

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Brisbane to Source Skilled Workers Overseas

The latest survey of Robert Walters Global Salary Survey is predicting many local Brisbane companies will be sourcing skilled workers from overseas due to the limited skills available locally. This plan is effected by the…

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The Paradox of Catholic Education

The stabbing and death of a young student inside the grounds of a Catholic School in Brisbane is a clear indication of the paradox of Catholic Education. If this incident happened in a State School,…

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