March 2009

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Returning OFW Integration

There are almost two(2) million Filipinos working overseas remitting almost US$200 Million annually. It is one of the main sources of green bucks for the Philippine government. The recession have affected every Filipino working overseas…

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Recession : Jobless to topless

Retrenched workers just could not another job they want. Survival is the key, desperate measures requires desperate measures. The recession is luring women to strip tease to make both ends meet. They could make almost…

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A New Job – A predicament

Watching the episode of CSI when Laurence Fishburne’s first day on the job as a new CSI agent, one of the CSI lab scientist is indifferent on him, I felt myself on Lawrence shoes. Having…

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Gold Rush

In 1897, at the height of a major U.S. recession and banking crisis, a gold discovery on the Klondike River in Yukon Territory triggered one of the biggest gold rushes ever seen. Now, more than…

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Greenfield and Brownfield Projects

People who have been involved in project implementation may know what “Greenfield” and “Brownfield” projects mean. Prior to being employed by EPCM companies, I never knew what these terms mean. Being a farm kid, the…

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Mis-education of the Filipino Engineer

The Philippines is one of the few countries like the United States which requires new graduate engineers to undergo board examination to test their proficiency of their chosen discipline. Other countries like the UK, Australia,…

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