February 2009

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Site Hacked, Turned to a Phishing Site

TFE was hacked, when – I can’t remember. The hacker uploaded a phishing site for AOL. This was operating un-noticed until a warning from the Domain registrar was received with a screen shot of the…

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Steak and Climate Change

Cows flatulence, clearing forests for pastures, the manufacturing of fertilizers to grow cattle feed, and transporting beef to supermarkets, all produce even more greenhouse gases which makes this industry as worse as the carbon emissions…

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Economic Slow Down is Bad for the Environment

Accept it or not, the world is now in economic slow down and recession. Thousands of workers are being laid-off everyday. Even companies with strong economic backing are now signalling to cut-off employees. Despite government…

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Politics at Work

The politics at work is making me sick. The project is already famous for its controversy and politicking, even within the office, politics is very strong. I have already felt the pressure of politics when…

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Global Marketability

In more than two decades working with several companies in several countries, I have observed that in general, Filipino Engineers and other professionals overseas, despite having the degree and professional license, were only considered for…

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IEC Equipment Voltages

There are two (2) voltage levels used in IEC, low voltage ( < 1000 V ) and high voltage ( > 1000 V ). Medium voltage, inspite being oftenly used in technical specifications, is generally…

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