December 2008

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Engineering Design Report Preparation

As I was doing the electrical concept definition for the Mariwasa-Siam expansion plant in Santo Tomas, Batangas when I took my Professional Electrical Engineering licensure examination, I planned to submit it as my Engineering Design…

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Engr Sirio Reyes Sr, PEE / PME

The late Engr Sirio Reyes Sr left a legacy in me. He mentored me on almost everything I knew about electrical design, some knowledge in heat engineering and mechanical engineering. He was our Technical consultant….

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When Design Fails

I started the electrical concept definition of the Mariwasa-Siam ceramic manufacturing plant in Santo tomas, Batangas, Philippines in 1990 under the supervision of the late Engr Sirio Reyes (PEE/PME). The total calculated load of the…

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My Professional Registrations

In the old Philippine Electrical Engineering Law (Republic Act No. 184), there were three (3) grades of Electrical Engineers. The grades are Assistant Electrical Engineer (AEE), Associate Electrical Engineer (AssoEE) and Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE)….

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IE Update

I have known yesterday that IE have been used by cyber criminals taking advantage of the browser bug to inject a trojan into the unsuspecting user  computer to harvest personal data. Microsoft need to be…

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Personal Blog Site

This will be my personal blog site. Iwill be discussing my interests, opinions, hobbies, activities and more importantly some articles about my profession.

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